Converting little sister to hot yoga

Further to my promise to keep on going to the Hot classes, both yoga and Pilates, which now means that I have become one of those annoying people that extol the virtues of Hot Yoga to everyone they meet.  Normally within an irritatingly short amount of time and to people I have forgotten I had already tried to convert! I have managed to convince one person to join me at a class…my sister…probably just due to a latent familial loyalty rather than my convincing speeches. So I have dragged her along mid-week to a class.  We start well, she even … Continue reading Converting little sister to hot yoga

2016! Elf does yoga! Starting as we mean to go on.

It is 2016, I want to do something different this year.  This year I want adventure. Now, donning an Indiana Jones type outfit and heading off into the wilderness would be a dream come true, that is a distant, spec of an adventure to come.  So when I say adventure, I mean an everyday adventure.  Small things that brighten the week and are achievable!  I’m thinking, more along the lines of grabbing the tube map and umbrella. Each week I want to do something different, eat something new, try an activity, walk somewhere not in SW London! (I know shock horror! Outside … Continue reading 2016! Elf does yoga! Starting as we mean to go on.