Mowgli’s first adventure

This is it.  Adventure time with Mowgli.

We catch the train to Winchester.

There is a lot of snuggling and loving of a polite dog loving man we’ve not met before.  (Don’t worry Mr Elf, Mowgli did the snuggling and loving not me).  This seems to be the biggest issue we encounter with a pup on transport…his affection for complete strangers is inexhaustible.

received_10155108356117655Transport in London is pretty pet friendly.  No dogs on the seats and they must be “under control”.  So tubes, buses and trains are all open as long as you have these two rules sorted.

The train to Winchester is about 50-60 minutes long and do able in puppy bladder terms.  although we do ensure he is empty before we get on and he gets a change to go as soon as we get off.

Pubs and cafes are also for the most part dog friendly in the UK although, do respect the signs that say otherwise when you see them.

We spend the weekend tearing around the garden and avoiding the cat.  Said cat…not too keen on this usurper of affection and steal-er of unattended food.

The train ride back is easy…Mowgli is happy to all asleep on a lap and wake up back in London.




Elf’s first video!

Winchester Cathedral

We’ve been a little bit quiet of late, sorry! We are very busy, organising, planning and adventuring.

We visited Winchester recently, which is a very easy day or weekend trip from London.  There are frequent trains from Waterloo every day.  Winchester is a market city with a wealth of history and many things to see and to do for all the family.  However, I am focusing on the crowning jewel (my opinion only) the Cathedral.

Sitting proudly in the centre of the town not far from the high street and surrounded on three sides by beautiful lawns and old trees.  On the final side is the prestigious Winchester Boys school which provides the choir boys to the famous choirs of the cathedral. imag2161-1

The costs for entry are:

Adult – £7.95
Concession – £5.95
Student – £4.45
Children under 16 (with family) – Free

The ticket gets you in for 12 months so you can head back as often as you like.

Inside there are volunteers who provide beautiful tours, and are well worth it.

There has been a building on this site since 1093.  There are many notable figures interred in the current cathedral including Jane Austen and Henry Beaufort.

The crypt is often flooded and there is a beautiful art instillation that you can see by descending the stairs.  A wonderful meditative piece of art, it leaves me breathless.

It’s a lovely cathedral and all the volunteers are obviously enamoured with the building which is lovely, the whole experience is wonderful.

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