Finals Elf

We’ve been there before, we’ve blogged about it before, but this time its different…this time its the finals.

Yes, the finals.  Men’s Wimbledon Finals.

We have tickets, mother and I. Tickets!!!


So we’re off to Wimbledon.  We’ve packed the picnic, got our tickets and we arrive early to Wimbledon station.  There is a shuttle bus that will take you to the front gate and back for £5 return.  Or, you can do the half an hour walk to the gates.  It is nice whether so we head off.

It is electric inside.  The atmosphere is wonderful and we stumble across Federer warming up.  Next we head over to the men’s invitation doubles which is great fun.  Brilliant tennis is being played but no one is taking it seriously, the players laugh and banter with the crowd and it is more of a show than a match.  But so worth watching.

We find a bench for our picnics and enjoy the sun before heading to the Pimms tent.  Pimms in hand we make for the main event.


The Center Court at Wimbledon is massive.  We seem to spend an age walking around the edges to our entrance. Eventually we make it to our seats and it begins.  The tennis is brutal, the clapping loud, tension intense, what an experience.  And yes, on this occasion it would have been nice for the match to have lasted longer, been closer…but still.  What an experience.

I’ve already got my ballot ready for next year!


Elf’s Wimbledon Queue

Its Wimbledon time and if you were not lucky enough to get tickets in the ballot but still want to head down and enjoy the tennis here is the Elf’s tips for having a memorable day.

Weekday fun

If you can go on a weekday rather than the weekend this is the best idea! The queue will be less and the competition for tickets not quite so high.

Get there early

Aim to arrive at 5.30am at the latest!  Its sounds like the worst start to the day, but it is not so bad.  Take some sandwiches and take away coffee and don’t forget the picnic blanket.  It really isn’t so bad, promise.

Once you’re in

Enjoy!  Remember that if you do go into a court and get a seat, once you vacate this seat (even to pop to the loo) that the seat is no longer yours!  Behave, it is Wimbledon after all.  Don’t forget to head to the Hill with the afore mentioned picnic blanket, enjoy the atmosphere and fingers cross the sunshine.

Other things

More information on the website, have a look at the bag restrictions!  I got caught out with this but there is the left luggage option.

Remember your sunscreen and your umbrella!