Yin Yoga

Somethings different… Yin Yoga.  I’ve never tried this form of yoga before, so this is a completely new experience.

Yin Yoga is classed as a passive yoga, it is slow and each pose or stance is held for extended periods of time.   The practice is designed to increase blood flow to the joints. It is a medative practice, opening your mind to stillness and quiet.

How did I find this form of yoga?  I’m not sure.  I enjoyed the stretch and the longer time in the poses.  This is a nice change from the pace of flow yoga, however….however…. There is a lot of space for your brain.  This is a difficult hour to spend when (like myself) you may not be used to or in the practice of meditation.

What did I learn: I definitely need to practice more meditation and quietness of the mind.

Will I go back…maybe.

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