Elf’s Secret London

New adventure to a new place, a rather secret place.

I had never heard of Two Temple Place before but in doing a bit of research for new London adventures I came across the website and was intrigued.

IMAG2541The house is neo-Gothic and stunning in and of its self.  Two Temple Place is not open all year round, but when it is, it hosts an exhibition.  These exhibitions change each time the house is open.  This time around it is Sussex Modernism: Retreat and Rebellion.

The exhibition is set across two floors and is interesting, the paintings of Vanessa Bell particular captivates me.  Most of what I have known about Vanessa Bell is in relation to her being Virginia Woolf’s sister, but this exhibition has widened that view and Vanessa Bell’s paintings really are lovely.

The true gem of this visit is, however, the house.  Two IMAG2547Temple Place is just magnificent. The rooms are clad in beautiful and intricately carved wooden panels.  The stained glass roof and windows are breathtaking not only in thee designs but in that amazing feat of survival despite bombing during World War Two.

Its free entry which is great.  The volunteers are enthusiastic and knowledgeable both about the house and the exhibition.  Two Temple Place is open until the 23rd of April and then closes up again until the next exhibition so do get along and have a look whilst you can.


More information here

It is Lovely to head along to something new in London, a place that is not so popularized and is a little bit unique and different.  Two Temple Place just shows that there is always something new to experience in London.


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