Elf in Greenwich

Greenwich has a lot to offer for a day out and is a great option any time of the year.

Head out of the tube and head towards to Cutty Sark… the boat you can see to your leftimag2264.  You can go in to this exhibition and learn all about the history of the tea clippers which were to fastest boats of their time.   You can also walk underneath the ship and fully appreciate its engineering.

Next head through the gates and out into the park that sits behind the Cutty Sark.  If you follow the paths you will end up amongst the buildings of the University of Greenwich.  These are some of the most beautiful buildings in London.  Really wonderful.

Head along The Avenue which will lead you up to the Observatory.  There are usually different exhibitions at the Observatory and of course the chance to stand on the Meridian line.  The view from here is beautiful and even on a cloudy day, worth the steep climb to the top.

imag2278My next favourite thing to do in Greenwich is the Maritime Museum.  Its free to go in to the main exhibitions and wander through the history of the maritime industry of London and the UK.  It’s a lovely labyrinth of galleries and exhibitions.

The café in the museum does some yummy cakes and pastries as well, just to round of the trip.

If you fancy something more substantial walk back into Greenwich towards the tube station and you will come across the food markets.  Lots of different things to eat and enjoy.


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