Street Feast Elf

Fancy doing something a bit different for dinner, keep on reading.

Moon boot and I head off to Hawker House for a feast of street food.

Hawker House is a street foodie’s heaven.  Pop up restaurants and bars all together in one very cool place.  Hawker House is one of the Street Feast locations which started life as Dinnerama.  Hawker House is located in Canada Water a two minute walk from the tube station which makes it ideal for after work or easy catch ups on the weekend.  There are 8 different food vendors and 8 different bars.  Its a big space inside which doesn’t feel like you are inside an old warehouse, but more like a market on holiday.  There are also pool tables and beer pong tables if that’s your thing.

I very much recommend a big group and everyone head off and return with treats!  This way you get to try lots of what is on offer.  My favorite were the pork buns from Yum Bun, Mr Elf aka Moon boot, enjoyed the stake plate from Up In My Grill.  The gin bar was a big hit with our group as well.

If you want to check out street food for your self, you can head to Hawker House or Dinnerama, fingers crossed that there are more locations on the way back as the weather warms up.


For the Hawker House website click here

Enjoy!  Let us know what your favorite eats were if you’ve been and if there are any other cool food experiences you think we need to visit please do let us know.

As usual I ate and then remembered I was supposed to take photos…oops!



Elf’s Secret London

New adventure to a new place, a rather secret place.

I had never heard of Two Temple Place before but in doing a bit of research for new London adventures I came across the website and was intrigued.

IMAG2541The house is neo-Gothic and stunning in and of its self.  Two Temple Place is not open all year round, but when it is, it hosts an exhibition.  These exhibitions change each time the house is open.  This time around it is Sussex Modernism: Retreat and Rebellion.

The exhibition is set across two floors and is interesting, the paintings of Vanessa Bell particular captivates me.  Most of what I have known about Vanessa Bell is in relation to her being Virginia Woolf’s sister, but this exhibition has widened that view and Vanessa Bell’s paintings really are lovely.

The true gem of this visit is, however, the house.  Two IMAG2547Temple Place is just magnificent. The rooms are clad in beautiful and intricately carved wooden panels.  The stained glass roof and windows are breathtaking not only in thee designs but in that amazing feat of survival despite bombing during World War Two.

Its free entry which is great.  The volunteers are enthusiastic and knowledgeable both about the house and the exhibition.  Two Temple Place is open until the 23rd of April and then closes up again until the next exhibition so do get along and have a look whilst you can.


More information here

It is Lovely to head along to something new in London, a place that is not so popularized and is a little bit unique and different.  Two Temple Place just shows that there is always something new to experience in London.

A bit more poetry Elf

In advance of a related post coming up this week, I want to share something beautiful from a wonderful writer and woman who I find to be very inspiring and too often forgotten.


“As a woman I have no country. As a woman I want no country. As a woman, my country is the whole world.”

Virginia Woolf

Quiet Elves

Its not like us to have been quiet!  We’ve been puppy siting and it has been glorious.

His name is Billy and he is the much loved dog of our friends.  Our lovely friends have been busy with wedding preparations and the big day its self so Billy has been staying casa de Elf!

Billy’s gentle companionship and company has been great fun and we enjoyed being able to help out good people in a difficult time.  Yes…it’s one of those posts.

Lets help each other.  Really do it, its great!  I know it seems a silly thing to point out and we shouldn’t do things just to make ourselves feel good,  but it does feel good to do favors and to offer support and help.  Little kindnesses (or big ones) make big differences to people and their lives.

love x

We have also had a small hiatus to the adventuring due to Mr Elf braking his ankle.  Poor boy is hopping around on crutches and has all the annoyances that go with a moon boot.  Fingers crossed that he will be mended up soon and we can get back to the adventures.


Elf Woman

I have been mulling all day over an appropriate and aptly inspirational quote or saying about women for International Women’s Day…but after reflection and discussion…I don’t want a quote for today.  I want every day to be a day to celebrate women and being a woman.  Why should it be restricted to one day?

I do not think men should feel pushed out or left out because of this either.  We are all equal…if this is to be true and evident in our lives then let’s make it so.  Then, women should be celebrated and respected in all that we do in every day that we are.  And yes, we do need the international day to remind us, and spur us on… but that does not mean we stop thinking about it for the rest of the year.

Elf in Greenwich

Greenwich has a lot to offer for a day out and is a great option any time of the year.

Head out of the tube and head towards to Cutty Sark… the boat you can see to your leftimag2264.  You can go in to this exhibition and learn all about the history of the tea clippers which were to fastest boats of their time.   You can also walk underneath the ship and fully appreciate its engineering.

Next head through the gates and out into the park that sits behind the Cutty Sark.  If you follow the paths you will end up amongst the buildings of the University of Greenwich.  These are some of the most beautiful buildings in London.  Really wonderful.

Head along The Avenue which will lead you up to the Observatory.  There are usually different exhibitions at the Observatory and of course the chance to stand on the Meridian line.  The view from here is beautiful and even on a cloudy day, worth the steep climb to the top.

imag2278My next favourite thing to do in Greenwich is the Maritime Museum.  Its free to go in to the main exhibitions and wander through the history of the maritime industry of London and the UK.  It’s a lovely labyrinth of galleries and exhibitions.

The café in the museum does some yummy cakes and pastries as well, just to round of the trip.

If you fancy something more substantial walk back into Greenwich towards the tube station and you will come across the food markets.  Lots of different things to eat and enjoy.