Elf’s Travel Tips

These are some of our best loved tips for air travel, hope you find them helpful.

Take a water bottle with you

With the restrictions on liquids and the dry air on flights you can end up gasping for water.  Take your empty water bottle with you through security and fill it up once you are though.  A lot of airports have water fountains where you can do this.  Or buy a bottle of water in duty free.

Always have a spare pair of undies in your on-board baggage. 

Before your think that…it is amazing how often bags get delayed or lost, having a spare pair of undies in your cabin bag makes such a difference.  Same with the toothbrush pop that in the hand luggage as well.  Then if the worst happens it won’t feel too much like a disaster.

Face wipes are a life saver on long haul flights

Nothing feels better on a long hall flight then washing your face.  Depending on where you are transiting some of the airport facilities might not say…put your face in here.  A face wipe will make you feel a little more human.  They also make a convenient way to make sure you don’t smell like you’ve had a 12-hour stopover without finding the airport showers.

Put your glasses on

If you normally wear contacts, forgo them for the flight especially if it is long haul. Contacts will make your eyes dry out and feel horrible.

Take your scarf with you

I spent a very cold 8 hour flight back to the UK because I didn’t have enough layers with me.  I now travel with a pashmina so that I can use it as a blanket if needed.  It also doubles as a pillow, eye shade, smell blocker outer and spilt coffee stain hider.


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