Elf goes aerial

And now for something completely different.imag2415

A new adventure in yoga. Aerial yoga in fact. Aerial yoga also known as anti-gravity yoga is based on a silk swing which has various handles attached and hangs from the ceiling.

I have enlisted a friend for company and we head of on Sunday afternoon to Whitechapel. The studio is small and friendly, I feel instantly at ease. The class numbers are small and today there are only three of us, I am very grateful as I am convinced that I am going to fall on my head.

The swings start very low and we get used to the feel of the swing by lying across and within the swing. Its fun and I can’t help but giggle like a little girl.


The class is friendly and relaxed we chat and the instructor takes photos for us (as proof!) during the class. We gradually move the swing higher and get used to turning ourselves upside down! I do really enjoy the sensation and don’t feel at all like I am going to drop onto my head, in fact it’s quite comfortable. We turn right side up and move on to some deeper yoga poses using the handles attached to the swing.

The class is an hour and twenty minutes long but it flies by. By the end of the class I feel peaceful and stress-free. I essentially feel as though I have had a good massage. I am booking myself back in and so is my accomplice. Give it a try, it’s fun and relaxing and not at all scary. The world is pretty cool upside down.



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