Elfy Sushi

For a long time I have been trying to work up the courage to make my own sushi.  So tonight, is the night.

For preparation, I have ordered a bamboo mat for rolling the sushi, sushi rice and the nori sheets.


Nori sheets
Sushi rice
Salmon filets x 2
½ bell pepper
1 x can of Tuna
2 tsp Tahini


Pre-cook your sushi rice in advance so that it has a chance to cool right down.  I cooked about a cup of rice and this made 4 rolls.

Gently fry the garlic and bell pepper in a pan, add some chilli if you like a bit of spice.  Add the salmon in the same pan. once cooked though allow to cool in the meantime, mix the tuna, tahini and a little oil.

Lay the bamboo mat out on a clean surface or chopping board.  Lay a nori sheet on the top of the bamboo mat.  Spread a lay of the sushi rice on the nori but leave a good 3-4cm at the front of the sheet.  Spread a decent amount of tuna on the end furthest from you, lay some sliced avocado along side the tuna and roll towards you tightly.  Slice up.

Repeat with the salmon, slice it and lay across the prepared nori and rice.  Add the bell peppers and garlic across and roll.


It tastes amazing, its fresh and healthy.  The first roll is not tight enough and a bit fiddly to eat.  I will definitely make this again.



Munich Surfers!

Just a little bit of film of those cool surfers we saw in Munich.

Thanks to Mr Elf for his cameraman skills.

Hope you enjoy.

Elf goes aerial

And now for something completely different.imag2415

A new adventure in yoga. Aerial yoga in fact. Aerial yoga also known as anti-gravity yoga is based on a silk swing which has various handles attached and hangs from the ceiling.

I have enlisted a friend for company and we head of on Sunday afternoon to Whitechapel. The studio is small and friendly, I feel instantly at ease. The class numbers are small and today there are only three of us, I am very grateful as I am convinced that I am going to fall on my head.

The swings start very low and we get used to the feel of the swing by lying across and within the swing. Its fun and I can’t help but giggle like a little girl.


The class is friendly and relaxed we chat and the instructor takes photos for us (as proof!) during the class. We gradually move the swing higher and get used to turning ourselves upside down! I do really enjoy the sensation and don’t feel at all like I am going to drop onto my head, in fact it’s quite comfortable. We turn right side up and move on to some deeper yoga poses using the handles attached to the swing.

The class is an hour and twenty minutes long but it flies by. By the end of the class I feel peaceful and stress-free. I essentially feel as though I have had a good massage. I am booking myself back in and so is my accomplice. Give it a try, it’s fun and relaxing and not at all scary. The world is pretty cool upside down.


A little bit of something different

I just wanted to share this little bit of something different that I found very beautiful.

More Munich

Munich has lots to offer for all sorts of travellers, you can make a trip whatever you want.  There are also plenty of options for accommodation, hostels, luxury hotels, mid-range hotels and pensions.  What we weren’t able to find were any Airbnb options that we liked although they might be fine depending on the number of your group.  Below we have chosen some of the things we enjoyed the most during our time in Munich.

For the outdoor person

Munich has a lot to offer and if you are an active and outdoor sort of person I recommend joining a free walking tour.  Most of the hostels are affiliated with a tour which will pick you up from the front door.  We walked with Sandeman’s free walking tour which started at Marienplatz, we walked for a good 2 hours though the different areas of central Munich, history, tales, culture and language all featured on the tour.  We do love a free walking tour (the concept, in case you aren’t familiar is that you tip what you think its worth at the end of the tour, this is how the guide is paid) and this was no exception.  Our guide was brilliant and pointed out lots of good places to eat as well as a few sites to see as well.

Sandeman’s tour information:


For the history person

Munich has looaaaaddddsss of museums.  There is a museum of hunting and fishing! We recommend the Municipal Museum of Munich (Muenchner Stadtmuseum).  The museum has changing guest exhibitions we chose to just see the permanent exhibitions the ticket cost 4 euros (2 euros if you have a student card – well worth taking around with you!) the ticket entities you entrance to ‘Typically Munich’ and an exhibition about the history of Munich as the capital of the Nazi movement.

The ‘Typically Munich’ exhibition stretches over several floors and explains how Munich was settled and grew as well as the culture of Bavaria.  It’s a wonderful exhibition and lots of information about the city and its people.

The exhibition about Munich’s darker past is also worth seeing.  Its illuminating and informative with lots of information available.  It is, in our current political climate in the western world especially worth viewing.

Elf’s tip – hold on to your ticket it gives you 50% of entrance to some of the other museums.

More information on Munich’s museums here:


For the arty person

There are three main art galleries in Munich all situated close to each other, the Neue Pinakothek, Pinakothek der Moderne and Alte Pinakothek.  You can get a combination ticket to all three which is the cheapest way to see them all.

We head in to the New Pinakothek, the gallery is beautifully laid out, we pass though rooms of wonderful paintings.  I linger in the rooms filled with Van Gogh, Monet and Manet.  There is even a beautiful and unusual Degas that does not feature a ballet dancer.  We spend several hours lingering in front bits of history and I thoroughly enjoy the relaxed and mostly empty gallery.

On this same link is information about the combination tickets:


Elf’s tip:  the audio guides in all the museums and galleries that we visited are free.

Something completely different

If you want to see something crazy, head over to the English Garden and follow the Eisbach which is a small river channel hat runs though the gardens.  Although you are not allowed to swim in the Eisbach you can…. surf!  A manmade wave has been created and we are told that whatever the weather you will find surfers here.  We head in that direction and to be honest given the -2 temperature and snow everywhere, we did not have much hope.  But, fear not the surfers are there is full wetsuits and boots, bright red faces, and amazing skills.  definitely very cool!


Bavarian Elf

First adventure of 2017!

I’ve never been to Germany,  so we’re off to Munich. Bring on the sausages.

It’s a wintery picturesque scene and we love it. I’m instantly enchanted as we walk around the beautiful city.  The glockenspiel in Marienplatz plays twice during the winter, 11am and 12pm. Even in winter crowds gather to watch…but I have to say it is slightly disappointing, but cute in a clunky old clock way.

The snow falls and we turn in to kids and spend time in the English Gardens, walking in the wonderful landscaped gardens and throwing snowballs.  The river runs under pretty bridges children toboggan down slopes. The view from Monopteros back towards the city is fabulous.


Food!  We love our food, especially when travelling. Head to the beer halls or ‘brauhaus’ for a hearty feed and of course beer.  Head down the Salt Road and check out the different brauhau, we particularly enjoyed Paulaner brauhaus for food. It’s a bit more modern inside than some of the other houses, but the food is wonderful. I had the pork belly…YUMMY.


No visit to Munich is complete with out a visit to the world famous Hofbräuhaus. Head there during the day for a more relaxed atmosphere or after 8pm when almost all the beers are only sold in 1 litre steins,  there is music, dance moves and lots of cheering.