Birmingham Markets

Birmingham Christmas markets are the UK’s largest festive markets.  They fill up Victoria square and the surrounding streets.  The usual stalls a present and a huge variety of food stands and bars.

It’s easy to get to from Birmingham New Street station on foot.  Trains run regularly from London, they are quick and easy.  I would recommend booking in advance otherwise it can be a bit pricy.

We enjoyed the markets and sampled different types of mulled wine.  We had lots of options for food that are not always available at the traditional Christmas markets.  Between us we tried bratwurst, pies, fried potatoes, apple strudel and spiced cider as well as the mulled wine.  I took home some amazing donuts called Berliner which were delicious and come in so many amazing flavours.

The markets are child friendly but they are huge so I would anticipate some very tired legs!

We had a great time, I would recommend it as an adventure.  However, a lot of the stalls are similar to the ones you will find in your local Christmas market.

More information here


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