Folk tale from Laos

One of my favourite things that I discovered when in Luang Prabang were monkey ear mushroom crisps.  The monkey ear mushrooms are a speciality of the area, the mushrooms are dehydrated and dried then flavoured with salt, kaffir lime leaves and chilli.  delicious!

When I was doing some research into folk tales, I came across this beautiful story about monkey ear mushrooms!  Here is a little excerpt, but if you would like to read more please head over to this lovely website Asian Folk Tales


Hanuman was puzzled. He did not know exactly what kind of mushrooms he should get for Queen Sida. Queen Sida herself could have told Hanuman what kind of mushrooms she would like if they were not monkey-ear mushrooms. Then Hanuman had an idea. “Don’t worry your majesty. I will bring you what you want.”

Hanuman flew off, and soon he was back again. With a great plop… he deposited the entire top of Oudomxay Mountain right in front of the palace.

“There you are, Your Majesty! What you want must be here somewhere. Just pick whatever you like!”

So, Queen Sida sent her servants to pick the mushrooms from the top of the mountain Hanuman had brought. That evening, the queen had the best monkey-ear mushrooms for dinner. She was grateful to Hanuman, for his wit and intelligence and for the most delicious meal in her life.



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