Punting Elf

Cambridge, just the name conjures up images of punting, university and students.  Cambridge its self is on the River Cam about 80km from London and is indeed one of the most famous university cities in the world.

Cambridge has had a town in the area since before the Roman era.  The University of Cambridge was founded in 1209, the University is a collegiate university and the beautiful buildings are dotted around this picturesque city.

The fast train from Kings Cross takes 50-55 minutes to Cambridge train station.  The station its self is a bit of a walk into the centre of the town, it is nice to do but there are buses that go frequently into the town.  If you are walking, head down station road and join Hills Road follow in across the crossings and you will reach the shopping centre.  As you walk down Hills Road it becomes Regent Street, from here it is well sign posted and the areas and buildings of interest at marked on sign posts. imag2172-1

We head to Kings College and enjoy the view.  It is a wonderful and beautiful place.  Walk along Kings Parade and you will reach Great Mary’s Church, if you can head inside.  It’s a lovely Church with lovely wooden balconies and lovely stained glass.  When you are done head along King’s Parade until it becomes Trinity Street.  Follow this road and you will come across Trinity Great Gate…. possibly my favourite place in Cambridge.  Lovely red brick and stained glass.  If you want to keep going follow this road past Trinity college the street turns into St John’ Street, in front of you will be the Round Church.  The real name is The Church of the Holy Sepulchre.  It’s a sort of squat strange building built in 1130.  I am not sure if its…attractive but it is different and a special buildingimag2187.

Cambridge is a perfect day trip from London, use the Network Rail card or 16-25 card I have talked about before to get cheaper fares for your trip. Take a picnic and sit somewhere lovely to keep your trip cheaper.  Or stop in one of the coffee shops and enjoy the view.  There are lots of lovely B&Bs but they tend to be further out so not great if you are not driving, but there are hotels and slightly more expensive places to stay that are more central. We stay a bit further out in the Rectory Farm, it’s a lovely old house with big gardens, its family friendly and very very cute.

ps. If you like Harry Potter….its great!  I’m a kid at heart.


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