London’s best Burgers!!

Burgers. The king of fast food, and now the king of the gourmet fast food. There are so many choices when a hunger for a burger kicks in, where do you start? I love a burger and have narrowed it down to my favourite three in London and I am sharing these with you.

3. Honky Tonk
This American style dinner does burgers, hot dogs and cocktails. I go for the chicken burger here, its well-proportioned, the bun is a brioche bun which is soft and adds a sweetness. There is lots of filling and everything is well flavoured and compliments each other. Mr Elf has a beef burger and there is a little bit of slip and slide going on but he is very happy with the taste.

2. Blues Kitchen
These guys have a few restaurants now, and are spreading across London. They are always beautiful inside and really do feel lovely to be in. The menu is compact but there is a burger special that changes every month. I opt of the cheese burger. It is well formed, delicious, not too much cheese and everything tastes fresh. Blues Kitchen have a range of their own sauces as well I used the BBQ ketchup and it was perfect. There is a good bun to burger ratio and it is not over cheesed.

Coming in at number one…the one… the only…

1. Honest Burger 
Ah…what can I say to sum up an Honest Burger. It is a wonderful thing of beauty. Be warned after trying one of these…no burger will live up to them. The patty is perfectly seasoned and cooked to order, it’s juicy and tender. The signature burger, The Honest, is wonderful. I know we are talking burgers, but the chips at Honest are also just divine! Crispy, hot, covered in Rosemary and some how tasting like summer.  Everything perfectly balanced, fresh and just amazing.

A special mention that is not in London but in Windsor is Flaming Cow.  Beautiful and unusual burgers a definite contender for the crown!  The Red Neck is a thing of wonder.


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