Elf at the Farmers’ Market

Brixton Farmers’ Market, has recently become its own organisation and is technically the Brixton Market Traders Federation.  The market runs on Sundays by the railway bridge.  It’s a small but perfectly formed market, the stalls vary slightly each week, but the general staples are butchers, cheese stalls, bakery goods, fresh vegetables and fruit, wonderful coffee and cakes.

We head down on a beautiful sun filled weekend and wonder amongst the stalls, picking up some wonderful looking quiches, pastries and sausages.  The stalls are an eclectic mix but all the stall holders know what they are talking about and everyone was happy to chat and enthusiastic about their produce.  This made me so happy.  Everything tastes better when you know where it has come from.

imag2144-1We sit outside at the craft beer bar.  The sun is shining, everyone is happy and chatting away in a wonderfully neighbourly way.  Everything is bright and shiny and somehow new.  The market small though it is, is wonderful.  This week there is a burrito stand that smells amazing a couple buy a massive, amazing looking burrito and stroll along munching together.

The craft beer is delish, we choose summery pale ales and enjoy watching the wold go by.

There was some talk recently that the market was going to close, I have to say I am so happy that the Federation was created and they have managed to bring it back.

If you want to get your hands on the magical lamb shanks sold at the Borstal stand you will positively have to be there at opening time.  But otherwise it was a lovely morning that stretched into the afternoon.

Head along and sample the deliciousness.


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