Lend a hand

Do something for someone else!  No bribery required, promise.  Today Mr Elf and I have been building a fence with our friends and their neighbours.  Why you might ask?  Because the sun is shining, we’ve fired up the barbeque, there are power tools and we have music.

Seriously, lending a hand however you can have its own rewards.  Helping those around us is good for the soul, which in its self is a little bit of a selfish thing to say.  But I mean it with the nicest of sentiments.  Really it is a lovely feeling to come together a s collective and help someone out.  It doesn’t have to be a big job but I would very much encourage everyone to offer a hand if and when it is needed.  Like moving home or clearing out a garage…many hands make light work.

I may not be the best person for a power tool but I can certainly char a sausage like a champion!


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