Cadiz is the oldest continuously inhabited city in Spain and one of the loveliest seaside cities I have ever visited.  It is perched on a spit of land narrowly connected with mainland Spain.  It has a wonderfully wild feel to it.  The streets are winding and channel the cool sea breeze which is a wonderful relief from the heat of high summer.

We follow a walking route from the train station to the city hall and then head along some of the back streets to the city walls that look out on to the sea and follow the coast.  The view is lovely and made more beautiful as we come upon the well planned public gardens.  We turn into the old town and make our way to the Camera Obscura.

You can go up into the Camera Obscura, there are two small exhibitions and a short show with the camera its self, along with the beautiful roof top view of Cadiz.  It’s worth a look and the 6 euro price tag.

IMAG2009We head off to the cathedral, which is topped with a beautiful gold dome.  Its 5 euros to get in and this includes the audio guide.  This cathedral left a big impression on me, with its immense marble inside and the wonderful opportunity to head down into the crypt which was hauntingly beautiful and peaceful.

Definitely worth a day trip if you are in the area, but even better stay at least a night and enjoy this wonderful place.


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