The Elfventure – Step 1

Its exciting times, there’s a gigantor of a trip to plan (its okay we have 2 years to do it in) and we’re getting started!

Starting to plan the Elf way

  1. Get some books – many books on countries, on cities, on the world! So many books.

  2. Make a list of the “must not miss” places.

  3. Get a map – because my geography is far, far worse than my GCSE geography teacher ever let on!

  4. Decide on a colour scheme before marking the map, we’re not animals after all.  Let’s be organised and sensible.

  5. Argue about “must not miss” list.

  6. Start marking places on the map (hurray)

  7. Discover we are not using the same colour scheme…how did that happen and who marked Mongolia…I mean cool but it’s not on the list.

  8. Argue about colour scheme, then concede and add extra 2 destinations to the “must not miss” list in penance.

  9. Give up on colour scheme and “must not miss” list.

  10. Go a bit crazy with the destination marking and realise need 3 years to travel and only have 12 months.

  11. Repeat step 3.


One thought on “The Elfventure – Step 1

  1. My tip: buy your guide books in charity stores. Even if they are older editions they will still contain the important information on where your visiting eg national parks don’t change to much, attractions don’t move, the only real diffrence is recommendations on accomadation and food. Mordern developments such as trip advisor have these things covered.


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