Elf walks a llama

Llama, funny looking tall creatures from South America who’s wool is used to create beautiful soft jumpers.  Why am I talking about llama’s, well I like them, but because today I got to meet two in particular, Teddy and Nicolas.

We drive off on a Sunday morning to East Sussex to Bluecap farm to meet some llamas.  Once we arrive after a lovely sunny drive though the countryside which is lovely… it starts to rain, oh well.  Once we arrive and meet the llamas (they don’t like umbrellas) we pair up and head off for a very nice walk through the winding lanes.  Its very relaxing and I chat away with Teddy who ambles along beside me.  I really enjoy myself and our young guide tells us lots about the llamas and the farm, which was interesting.  We soon arrive back at the farm and enjoy a cup of tea.

I like llamas, one day I might even get one or two of my own!

(Elf’s promise this is not a sponsored post!)


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