Elfing Mud – Glastonbury

Things I wish I knew before going to Glastonbury

The nights are cold

I know, maybe I just wasn’t organised enough.  But it gets cold at night.  If you have the cash for a good hiking sleeping bag get one.  If you are going with your boyfriend/girlfriend/partner take blankets or unzip the sleeping bags so they lie flat like blankets…I know we don’t smell fabulous during Glastonbury but two people’s body heat makes a lot of difference.

Take breakfast with you

There is nothing worse than getting up, changed, facing the inevitable toilet line on an empty stomach before heading in to the festival to get breakfast.  Take some instant coffee and a little stove at least.

There will be mud

We’ve all seen the photos and we all know there will be mud.  But as I discovered there are many types of mud that you need to be aware of at Glastonbury:

  1. Slushy mud – this looks like chocolate custard and must be treated with care, it is one of the easiest muds to walk in and therefore we get over confident – don’t you will fall over.
  2. Sticky mud – this appeared on about day two.  Once this mud appears add 20 minutes to any time you think you will need to get anywhere.  Make sure you pull your foot up with the whole foot not just the heel otherwise you’ll be barefoot before you realise it, and it’s not nice putting that foot back in the boot….
  3. Secret mud – looks like solid ground hurray! Nope it’s not, its mud.
  4. Crusty mud – looks safe – it’s really not.

Its noisy

If you want to get any sleep during Glastonbury make sure you pack some ear plugs. Even if you plan on being up all night, you will need them to get sleep during the day.  I know it sounds like something your mum would tell you to pack, but believe me when you are lying awake listing to your tent neighbors get to know each other much…much better you will want the ear plugs!


I’m ready to do it all again! 🙂





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