Elf à Paris

If you are in the UK you would be mad to have not used the Eurostar and headed across to Paris for a long weekend, or even a weekend!  It is so easy and fast.

We catch an evening Eurostar after work on a Thursday and pootle off to Paris.

We rent a small (tiny) apartment made smaller because there are four of us, but oh well it is cosy and we don’t intend to spend much time here anyway.

We spend most of the time walking the beautiful avenues and winding streets around the Sacre-Coeur.  This area is my favourite, the basilica is very lovely inside and cool on a warm day.  The view from here opens Paris up in front of you and it reminds you why you are there.  The only negative are the street “artists” who will try to show you bracelets or friendship bands – do not let them put these on you there is a demand for quite a few euros at the end of the chat and demonstration and by that point you are tied in – literally!

If you have time and have done the big galleries and museums I would definitely recommend the catacombs, though do check they are open.  Walk along the Seine and come upon the Notre Dame, there is a good little Roman excavation site that you can pay to go in and see, this is worth doing if you are interested in history.

Do one very touristy thing and head to the Eiffel tower once the sun starts going down and enjoy the light show.  It is very pretty and yes very busy but oh well, it is still gorgeous.


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