Elf around Lisbon

Lisbon is filled with small delights the every turn.

Walking trough the alfama you get a sense of history. The cobbled streets are rich with history and personality. Make sure you look up at the street lamps and look for the symbol of the city, it is a boat accompanied by two crows.

The 28 tram runs though the most historical parts of town and is a cheep and easy way to sightsee as well as get around. But as all the locals will warn you, watch out for pickpockets which are unfortunately notorious on this tram.

Head up to the castle of St George, the view from in side is spectacular but there is not much inside the castle, we chose not to go in, but if you want to its 8.50 euros. Instead have a walk around this area as it is a truly lovely part of Lisbon. There is a great gelati shop on the road the leads away from the castle, try the lemon it is zingy!

Have a wander through the streets and pop into the cathedral the cool interior is quite lovely. Follow the road that heads down the hill but away from the tram lines, there are some nice restaurants in this area but the real delight is the traditional Fado singing which is on offer in most of these eateries.


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