Elf in Seville

Seville is full of interesting sites, museums, churches and cathedrals so we have narrowed it down to our three must sees for your trip.


1.       Real Alcazar

Don’t leave Seville without visiting the Alcazar.  It is a beautiful complex of palaces and buildings set in absolutely lovely gardens.  The Alcazar is still home to Spain’s royal family and you can pay an extra 4 euros for a tour of the chambers still in use today.  Elf’s top tip for the Alcazar is to try to get there by 9.30am because the tour groups start pouring in at 10.30am and an early start will mean that you are half a pace ahead.  Don’t rush, take your time and enjoy!

2.       Plaza Espana

A relatively new monument built in 1928 but startlingly beautiful none the less.  The Plaza Espana is free (yippy) to walk around and enjoy and the gardens are interesting and seemly endless, with lots of birds. It’s a lovely building with lots of tiles and beautiful vistas to enjoy, it is well worth a visit.

3.       Museum des Bell Arts

This unprepossessing art gallery is well worth a visit, it is free if you are from the EU and 1.50 euros if you are not.  The gallery hosts some wonderfully well preserved religious art but the real gem for me was the building its self.  It is an old convent and church complex.  The courtyards are beautifully tiled and it is lovely and shady.  Gallery room 5 is the old church of the convent and it is…just breath taking.  I can’t truly describe it well enough.  The walls and ceilings and vaulted and covered in beautiful painting and plastering.  Just wow!


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