Guest Blog – Mother Elf At Kew

Mother Elf headed off on an adventure to Kew – here is what she thought.

I made an excursion to the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew the day before yesterday. The visit was one of the activities I had on my ‘must do’ list when I was planning my holiday in London. I had vague memories of a wondrous misty, humid, iridescent green environment from a previous visit I had made over 30 years ago.

In my opinion the benefits to the public of a monarchy and an aristocratic ruling class are minimal. The gardens at Kew however, are the result of the extravagance the British monarchy who unburdened by the trials of daily life and a struggle for survival had the time and resources to spend on their ‘beautiful follies’ . We can in this case, be grateful for this extravagance.

On the day I visited with my son the gardens were resplendent with life and colour under the whimsical English summer sun. The beds of ‘cultivars’ lining the avenues are full of varieties of flowering plants that have been organised and layered to display their hues in contrast for artistic effect. In the park there are noble trees that were saplings when the first sod in the gardens was turned and the estate was at its inception some 300 years ago.
The gardens are a treat ,a retreat , a sanctuary , a living shrine cultivated for and providing us with an opportunity for hours of guiltless pleasure.


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