Elf in Amman – Jordan

Amman, the capital of Jordan, is a wonderful city often over looked which tourists only stop in briefly on their way to Petra, but is a beautiful place in its own right.

We made a slight mistake in staying a bit further out than we realised, aim for somewhere a bit closer to the main town.  Although taxis were easy to get and easy to negotiate with in any case.amman

Make sure to vist the Roman amphitheatre which is almost in the centre of town, it is hard to miss.  It is huge!  The information provided on the signs is very good although there are tourist guides that offer their services we did not take this up and instead climbed our way to the top and enjoyed the view as well as exploring on our own.

The next attraction to see, is the Amman Citadel.  We walked from the amphitheatre, but this was not a great idea, the road is very steep and quite busy, best get a taxi (definitely get a taxi!).   There is a lot to see here, three is a Byzantine church, Roman temple,Umayyad palace and museum.  We hired a guide at the entrance and paid extra for his time, he was excellent and very knowledgeable.  If you are going to get a guide at any point in Amman this would be the place to do it.  The signs are not so frequent in the Citadel and if you are interesting in the history of the area I would further recommend getting a guide.  We spent a good two to three hours in total here.  The views are spectacular as well. The citadel is has a museum within it which was very good and worth paying the bit extra to get into.

amman marketWe found a small falafel café hovering between two buildings at the bottom of the cross roads leading up to the citadel (we got a taxi down) which sold the best falafel I have ever had!  I have since recommended this to lots of people who have told me it is no longer there, but I am telling you any way… just eat falafel in Amman with lots of homemade humus.  It was amazing.

We wandered through town during the afternoon and though the markets which were shaded and less busy in the afternoon.  All sorts of vegetable and fruit on offer, we bought dates to munch on our way around.

Amman was an unexpected pleasure and I definitely recommend taking a least an extra day to enjoy it.

Thank you to Steve for the lovely photos


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