French Elf

France!  Wine, cheese, bread, sophistication, Nutella!  Sounds glorious!

A group of us are desperate to get away for the bank holiday weekend so we book in to a beautiful big house about an hour drive from Calais.  We look at all the options for travel and decide on driving across using the Eurotunnel in two cars.  It is something none of us have done so we are all up for an adventure.

You have to arrive a minimum of 30 minutes before the departure time, so naturally we are all terrified to be late so we head off early and remember to fill up the cars with petrol before we head over because of the strikes there are fuel shortages.  I recommend doing this if you are planning to be driving over in the near future.

The trip over in the Eurotunnel is strange!  A very different experience to drive directly into the train.  But it is very quick and we are through and driving along the French motorway in no time.

The house is beautiful.  Just stunning and the owner meets us herself, shows us around and in no time we hit the supermarket to stock up on essentials.

The surrounding countryside is stunning.  Green IMAG1774and delicious!

We are lucky that the house we have chosen to rent has a fully functioning kitchen so we cook up a storm using local ingredients and sample the wine.

The next morning is sunny so we head out to the local market in Montreuil Sur Mer.  Now this village is just wonderful, the streets are full of pretty houses and lovely wisteria blossoming everywhere.  We wonder the streets and look in the beautiful antique shop windows eventually making our way into the market.  We buy local cheese, sausage, fresh cherries and apricots and try the pastries.

received_10157182381525314I very much recommend Montreuil Sur Mer, if you are visiting make sure you take time to walk through the little streets.  The village walls are lovely and the colours are just perfect if you enjoy a bit of photography.  It is very romantic and sweet.

It is still sunny and warm, in fact we have to stop to buy sunscreen, again I would recommend bringing your own as there was a limited choice in the supermarket in town.  We decide to find the beach and so we re-group and drive to Le Touquet which is the nearest beach.

Le Touquet is delightfully tacky along the beach front but in a lovely childhood memories sort of way.  We sit in the sand and have a drink at one of the cafes on the beach.  There are kite surfers and children running about.  It is not the prettiest beach but it is fun and we enjoy our afternoon.  We potter off home for dinner which we make at home with all the lovely produce from the market this morning.

The spend our last day walking in the countryside and enjoying the big log fire inside when the weather gets damp.  Then unfortunately it is time to leave and we are off to the Eurotunnel all too soon.

The website we used to find the rental properties is

The Eurotunnel website is


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