All the Sushi!


Sushi …love it!  Who needs an excuse to try a sushi café that does a dim sum style buffet?

For £15.99 you get to choose from a huge list of different options, some hot, some salads and sashimi.  Some of the items incur an extra charge.  We start with some seaweed salad, spicy salmon hand rolls and prawn nigari. It is all lovely and fresh and delicious.  The seaweed salad has a very tasty sauce and is one of my favourites.  The katsu chicken roll is a favourite as well.

From the hot part of the menu we have some dumplings which are crisp and lovely and we also try the chicken satay these disappear quickly.

The décor is not exciting but as long as you are there for the food and you are after sushi then it’s a good pick.  I wish I could have tried more things…but eyes too big for my belly…oh well I’ll just have to go back again.


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