On impulse I have decided to try something completely different, I am attending a traditional Chinese medicine clinic to experience traditional massage and cupping therapy.

Cupping became popular a few years ago after several celebrities were seen with the red circles that the cups leave behind.

The doctor checks my pulse and looks at my tongue to assess the best areas to target.

The massage is wonderful; it’s not a relaxing massage but more like a sports massage or deep tissue massage.

The doctor starts to prepare the cups, it’s a bit tense as a flame is used to create a vacuum within the cup and I can’t really see what is happening with my face in the couch hole.  The cups are suctioned on to the back and the doctor takes some time to move them around and transition them into their final places.  I’m left with some relaxation music and the cups in place.  If I am being honest, 5 minutes later I’m feeling a bit unwell and worried that the doctor might not hear me if I call out…but the nausea passes (mostly).  It’s a strange feeling…not painful, warm and unusual.

After what seems like an hour (it not, its much closer to 15 minutes) the cups are removed and I’m done.

I feel a bit tipsy afterwards and wobble down the street feeling light as a feather.

Whilst cupping is something lots of people love and swear by…I’m not so sure.  I think I will stick to the massage next time.

I do have some rather ugly photos of the bruises but I have decided to post a picture of flowers instead for obvious reasons.


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