Elf hits the beach!

The sun! It’s there…it’s really there in the sky which is blue! This calls for a beach trip.

Mummy and I swiftly head off in search of the beach whilst the sun seems to promise to stay visible.  We all but screech out the drive way and hit the motorway and head for West Wittering which we have been promised is in fact Hampshire’s best beach.IMAG1691

The drive is not vastly exciting.  But everything is lovely and green.  And then suddenly we are passing through pretty towns and lovely scenic lanes with inviting country pubs…we can’t say no.  So we stop for a lovely pub lunch, the wind is setting in so we cave and sit inside, but that is okay, the inside of this pub is like a beach hut which is perfect.  We have burgers, mum opts for veggie it’s hard to eat but delicious.  I have the beef burger; it’s peppery but well balanced.

Then we are off again…there are a few clouds appearing on the horizon and we are dying for a bit of sun and sand.  We stop to ask a lady directions, mum takes the lead on this “Oh hello, I like your dog, can you tell me how to find the beach?”  …I can’t fault the logic the dog was a Retriever.

Following the directions…BEACH!



The clouds are approaching from behind, but not here yet.  We park up and dash for the sand.  It’s lovely, not Bahamas, cocktail in hand lovely, but lovely with coloured beach huts and kids running around, dogs everywhere.  It’s windy and we have to wear coats but we wonder along the shoreline and sit in the dunes and have a brilliant afternoon…before the clouds catch up with us and we head to Chichester.

Chichester has a lovely countryside market town high street.  Mum and I make a beeline for the cathedral which is dramatic before heading to a cute teashop for a slice and a cuppa.  This teashop is just perfect.  The coffee is wonderful and we are treated to an impromptu piano recital whilst we wait out the rain.

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