Food Festival Elf

This Saturday was typically British weather for a day planned outside, so I set off with lots of layers and an umbrella to the Surrey Food Festival.

We started with raffle tickets, all for a good cause, and then headed to the produce tents. This was a lot bigger than I had expected, the stalls were wide ranging, with premium olive oil, cakes, sweets, jams, pottery and sushi.  It was a bit overwhelming in here and feeling a bit bedraggled after not too long we ducked back outside in to what had become a pleasant sunny afternoon!

There were all sorts of food and drink on offer, I opted for an oatmeal ale which was delicious and different.  We wandered and each picked different lunches.  I went for a massaman curry and rice which was very tasty but not spicy enough if I am honest, one friend had a paella which was beautifully coloured and filled with exciting ingredients, and my other friend chose a pad thai from a different Thai stall.  The pad Thai defiantly won on the food stakes it was amazing.  Unfortunately , in poor blogger form, we ate before I remembered that I should have taken photos.  Never mind.

Now that the crowd in the tent had thinned out we disappeared back in for some shopping, I chose some baklava from one stand and some gluten free cookies from another.

Without realising we had spent most of the day milling around and sampling food.  So we headed home full and tired.

Definitely on my calendar for next year, fingers crossed for the raffle


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