Knitting Elf

A distant time ago I decided to teach myself to knit.  Many, many, many YouTube tutorials later I did actually manage to get going and basic stitch that it might be I was off.  I kept going, it was long going, I dropped more stitches than a cared to count, and certainly more than I had the ability to correct!

Then came the daunting and terrifying task of casting off.  In fear, I lingered, too terrified to actually take the leap I watched more tutorials, read more blogs…. I kept loitering in fear.  It could all so quickly go wrong.  Eventually I did get the courage to cast off and it was not too bad, I did manage it without destroying anything.

I am ridiculously proud of my holey, dropped stitches, wonky scarf! Just in time for summer I know, but oh well!

I am already planning my next project, but given the speed with which I knit please, please, for your own safety do not hold your breath!




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