Sarastro Restaurant

Looking for something fun and a bit different for dinner a group of ushead to Sarastro.

This place is dramatic.  The interior is split between two floors the upper being little balconies, it is decorated with velvet, gold paint, draped material and Venetian glass.

We are lucky enough to be given a whole balcony to ourselves.  We IMAG1667take advantage of the set menu, which is a selection of meze which are all delicious.  The spicy sausage is tomato sauce is my favourite, the humus is a favourite and disappears quickly.  There are a few mains to choose from between us we end up with one of each on the table no one had a bad thing to say about any of them.

The live music was great, the waiters attentive and the food very tasty.  The surroundings are dramatic and the whole evening is a hit.

I definitely recommend this restaurant to everyone.  It is a little more expensive, but given the central location and the beautiful surroundings I think it is worth it.


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