Today my everyday adventure is to practice gratitude.  So often we find ourselves reaching to achieve, or complete or do.  We spend so much of our lives looking forward to something, be it the weekend, a holiday, an event or occurrence and in doing so we do not appreciate the moment in which we find ourselves.

I do not like the phrase “in the moment” or similar phrases that are interchanged with this one.  However, I do think that we should practice gratitude wherever and whenever we can.  So today I am practicing gratitude for where I am now, what I have achieved to get to here, to where I am as a human today.  In doing so I believe I can be more aware of what I want to achieve and will plan to achieve by being aware of what I have already achieved and by being grateful for everything that has allowed, aligned and been, in order to reach this moment.

I have found it helpful to write down each day at least one thing I am grateful for as a visual reminder.  This is also great to read over if you have a tough day where gratitude is hard to hold onto.

I do try to practice gratitude every day.  I would encourage everyone to practice this, some days it can be hard to find the things you are grateful for, but even if you can only be grateful that the sun is shining, or the rain is falling, that your body is your body and your mind is your own, this can be enough to remind you of yourself.


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