Abs Blast

In the freezing cold in far too many layers I shuffle off to “Abs Blast”.  I’m terrified.  Absolutely terrified.  I almost turn back, but that might have been the weather more than the class.

In a small studio we warm up on mats.  There are only a handful of us here, more evidence of our folly?  The next hour passes in a blur of ab burning pain.  We crunch, sit up and reverse crunch and sometimes do things that surely have no name except “ugh”.  Thankfully the time passes quickly and soon we are stretching and packing up, which is lucky because I am not sure I have much left to give.

I feel virtuous afterwards…until the next morning, when rolling over in bed causes a smattering of pain…followed by a crushing DOMS ache that hurts every time I sit or stand or move, even breathing hurts!  At least I know I worked hard, I tell myself.

I have not booked in for next week.

I will….



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