Elf goes to the Farm!

For today’s adventure a friend and I head off in search of animals!  We head to Spitalfields to the city farm.

IMAG1577We walk through Shoreditch, past cafes, pubs, we cross roads and the traffic is all around us.  It seems impossible that there is a farm hidden in here.  But we do find the farm, nestled in between flats and the over ground.


It’s cute.  There are donkeys, goats, cows, sheep, chickens, rabbits, bees and pigs.  All the pens have notices with information including names, breeds and stories about them.  Personally the pigs are my favourite, they are noisy and busy and I love them.  The chickens are lovely and it is wonderful to see that a lot of them are rescued from cage farms.

It hails half way though our trip and we shelter near the veggie patch.  But the sun comes out again so we head to see the Bug Hotel and the bee hives.

I do think we are rather a lot older than the normal audience but I do think it is a great afternoon out and will head back in the summer to take advantage of better weather.


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