Pottery Elf

A crafty adventure for Little Elf this time.

Three hours of ceramics hand build crafting madness.  On a freezing morning, I took myself off to learn how to make ceramics!

No “Ghost” music here, we are hand building, so no spinning wheel with peddles and slightly sexual clay moulding.  Nope, this was more like playdough for grownups.

IMAG1554The lovely Nam was our tutor who guided us though three different styles of ceramic hand building.  Starting with creating a base then creating thin sausages of clay that we built up on the base before smoothing out to create our final piece.  I chose a bowl…it was interesting.  I am not sure how watertight, or how reliable this “bowl” will turn out to be, however, I really enjoyed this method.IMAG1555

We pinch, roll and work the clay through the next methods with varying degrees of
success.  During the three hours, which go incredibly fast, I make a vase, box, tea-light holder and afore mentioned bowl.

Some of the other students create beautiful masterful creations with forethought and

design, and I fear I should forward  plan a little more!  But even so I am ridiculously pleased with my creations afterwards.
Now we wait for about four weeks until the ceramics go through two rounds of firing in a kiln and glazing to become the final products.

Have a look at Go Create for lots of courses and fun crafting adventures.

This was great fun, actually even more enjoyable than I had thought it would be.


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