Shuang Shuang

Dinner but different.

I have been desperate to try this place and finally managed to badger someone in to coming with me.  So off we trot to Shuang Shuang.  Its new, cool, different and tasty!

It is a hot pot restaurant, but you cook all your own ingredients, and, wait for it….it comes round on a conveyer belt in front of you.  This left me very excitable, consequently I did not hear all the instructions that we were given by the very patient gentleman serving us. However, he was very obliging and answered lots of questions at varying points of the meal.

So, you start by choosing your broth, I chose the Mongolian lamb – it has a proper name but I have forgotten it!  My friend had the temple brew which is the vegetarian option.  Then we had to chose a dipping sauce, I went for the house sauce, which they mix for you, it was all kinds of interesting.

Once the broth is bubbling away on the hot plate in front of us, we pick from the conveyer belt.  It’s much like the sushi train type experience, though they have little stickers on the covers that explain how long each thing needs to be cooked for and what is in it, pork – little pig drawing, beef – little cow drawing ect.  We started with some noodles, tofu (yes, not my choice as past blogs will confirm) and corn.  We cook away and then dip and enjoy.  It’s something else.  Delicious and very satisfying.  I try some of the strange looking balls going around which turn out to be chicken balls, very tasty.  We pick and choose, and end up making a huge mess and very very full.

I love this place and am definitely going back, its yummy and satisfying.  The staff are wonderful and helpful.  Love it!


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