Elf goes to the theatre

The Soho Theatre is one of my favourite places for new writing, unusual theatre as well as comedy and stand up.  Monday night (yes a Monday – crazy good way to start the week) this little elf toddled along to see Sarah Kendell “A day in October”.

“A day in October” is much more story telling rather than stand up.  Although funny and there are plenty of laughs throughout, it is much more about the characters that Sarah creates for the audience and the narrative that links them together.  The story set in an Australian high school, was brilliantly true and brought back lots of memories… although I was lucky enough to go to a school where I could go to the bathroom without too much trepidation!

I won’t spoil the story for anyone else who is keen to go along (I definitely think you should!). This tale is more poignant than belly laugh, I was gripped throughout and left thinking about the performance for some time.  The emotion that was put into the performance left me spinning and very glad that high school is behind me.  Thoroughly worth seeing, and definitely a very cool way to start a week.


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