Elf gets a gadget

The Little Elf has been quiet of late.  It is hard to find adventures that are suitable when suffering from a horrible cold!  It has been a tough and rather yucky sound making sort of a time, but luckily this is coming to an end and I have a new gadget to play with.

It’s a new Pulse fitness tracker!  And yes it is not getting that much of a workout at the moment. But, it tracks steps, kilometers (or miles) traveled, calories burnt, sleep and also has a heart rate monitor facility.

IMAG1519The instructions are fairly minimal and mostly direct you to a website/app that can be signed up to and/or downloaded to most devices (as far as I can work out).  The app is easy to use and after some fiddling around and mild cursing I got the Pulse connected to the app.  Since this mild blip the syncing has been pretty easy.

The Pulse it’s self is easy to use, it just has one button and an easy to see screen.  The touch screen can take a couple of goes, but this could also be my cold fingers.  The charts on the app are easy to understand and it awards you badges for achievements which is very gratifying.


I am enjoying the little gadget so far; in fact, I can see myself getting a little addicted to it.



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