Converting little sister to hot yoga

Further to my promise to keep on going to the Hot classes, both yoga and Pilates, which now means that I have become one of those annoying people that extol the virtues of Hot Yoga to everyone they meet.  Normally within an irritatingly short amount of time and to people I have forgotten I had already tried to convert!

I have managed to convince one person to join me at a class…my sister…probably just due to a latent familial loyalty rather than my convincing speeches.

So I have dragged her along mid-week to a class.  We start well, she even manages a smile as I inevitably get my left and right muddled and we end up facing each other.  Half way though I realise this is actually quite a hard class tonight, harder than average, everyone is struggling, it even seems hotter tonight than usual, perhaps we should have picked a more gentle instructor… perhaps this was a mistake?  I glance over.  She is red in the face and huffing along next to me.  This time she does not smile at me.  I can feel that latent loyalty wavering.  I am a horrid big sister.

She doesn’t say much as we wipe down mats and gather our things.  In fact we are half way down the street before she speaks…..she asks when the next class is.  Horary! I win! Not so far as loved it but she is definitely coming back!

Right….on to the next one


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