Elf cooks with paneer

After the roaring success of my cooking with tofu experience, I am trying out paneer.  Paneer is Indian cheese, we call it “squeaky cheese” at home, because it squeaks against your teeth.

In fact I am cheating here because I have cooked with paneer before, it’s one of my favourites.  But this is a new recipe and ….I like it so I’m writing about it any way.

Paneer yum!

I am adapting a brilliant tikka masala recipe from the Hairy Bikers (I love these guys).  With all Indian cooking I always find it easiest to measure out and prepare all my spices in advance, otherwise I tend to find myself at a critical point adding double of something or not having something critical at a point too late to do anything about…leading to more interesting eating!


I combine the vegetables and spices and add a little extra water to stop it getting too thick whilst I prepare the paneer.


I lightly fry the paneer until it is light brown and crispy….I like it with a bit of crunch but if you don’t just fry it a little less. Once your rice is ready pop the paneer into the vegetable curry.

SIMAG1508erve with rice and mango chutney….delicious!


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