Hunterian Museum

This beautiful little museum tucked up in the Royal College of Surgeons is open Tuesday –  Saturdays 10am to 5pm.  It is well worth an hour or two of your time.  Even if it does feel a little bit of a shame when the sun is out and the sky so blue, but then again the Lincoln Fields is such a beautiful place in any case that the walk from tube to museum it beautiful and lush!

The museum its self is pack full of human and animal samples, the walls are shimmering with jars, it is a treasure trove of amazing things!  The museum is quite small and spread over two floors, the nerd in me feels as if this place is the “Hall of Prophesy” from Harry Potter!

There are the macabre and the intriguing.  There are lions’ pelvises and giant’s skeleton, lizard innards and syphilitic skulls!  Perhaps not a place for the squeamish or those likely to pass out due to the insides of peoples.

I confess I love the place, I have been hearing lots of times and will definitely be heading back again.  It has free entry and there are talks on various interesting subjects.  The website is and is full of information.


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