Elf goes to the theatre

The Soho Theatre is one of my favourite places for new writing, unusual theatre as well as comedy and stand up.  Monday night (yes a Monday – crazy good way to start the week) this little elf toddled along to see Sarah Kendell “A day in October”. “A day in October” is much more story telling rather than stand up.  Although funny and there are plenty of laughs throughout, it is much more about the characters that Sarah creates for the audience and the narrative that links them together.  The story set in an Australian high school, was brilliantly true … Continue reading Elf goes to the theatre

Elf gets a gadget

The Little Elf has been quiet of late.  It is hard to find adventures that are suitable when suffering from a horrible cold!  It has been a tough and rather yucky sound making sort of a time, but luckily this is coming to an end and I have a new gadget to play with. It’s a new Pulse fitness tracker!  And yes it is not getting that much of a workout at the moment. But, it tracks steps, kilometers (or miles) traveled, calories burnt, sleep and also has a heart rate monitor facility. The instructions are fairly minimal and mostly … Continue reading Elf gets a gadget

Converting little sister to hot yoga

Further to my promise to keep on going to the Hot classes, both yoga and Pilates, which now means that I have become one of those annoying people that extol the virtues of Hot Yoga to everyone they meet.  Normally within an irritatingly short amount of time and to people I have forgotten I had already tried to convert! I have managed to convince one person to join me at a class…my sister…probably just due to a latent familial loyalty rather than my convincing speeches. So I have dragged her along mid-week to a class.  We start well, she even … Continue reading Converting little sister to hot yoga