Ceremony Elf!


Awards ceremony! I’m not suggesting that it is a good idea to gate-crash a ceremony or sneak in under a barrier…unless you are up for it? But I was actually invited to this one, on the guest list and everything. It was not a glitzy black tie event, but a university ceremony with moderately formal wear.

IMAG1480It was lovely to be included in an event to celebrate success and hard work. We all work hard in our own ways and it is not always recognised. It was a great to be a part of an evening that was simply about congratulating people on their hard work. Yes, it was a little long, and there was too much clapping (the ever important hold your applause to the end of the group was missing) but I could not help but smile at all the proud friends, parents and family present.

If you get an invite or someone casually drops into a conversation that they have won something… say yes! In a slightly leach like way (but not so gross) I drew a lot of happiness from this event and urge everyone to support the people in their lives.

Happy adventure indeed!



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