Elf goes climbing

Bouldering.  Climbing without the gear! Sounds dramatic doesn’t it?

Wet and windy Sunday mornings are perfect for an indoor sport.  So my friend, Fran and I headed off to try our hand at bouldering.  The indoor climbing done on a relatively smaller wall than normal indoor climbing and done without the harness, ropes ect.

The walls are covered in coloured notches and rocks and at first they look haphazard and random in nature, but we are reassured they are not and are in fact “problems”.  Advanced climbers use these to help them learn how to pre-plan their climbing routes we are told.  All I can think is that there seem to be some large gaps between the different colours!

We chalk up and are left to our own devices.  We laugh…a lot…some of the proper climbers seem a little irritated with us so we endeavour to get on with it.  Or up with it.

Starting off on the easiest problem (yellow in this case) I’m off!  Suddenly I see myself boldly climbing in some beautiful wilderness with just blue sky beyond me… its glorious.  Then I realise I’m only half way up and my upper body strength is …frankly embarrassing… and I have no idea how I am supposed to get down.

I do get down…eventually.  And I did actually make it up! Horary.  Further to that on the second attempts I do actually stick to the yellow ones and solve the problem.   We solve more problems as well, some not as well as others and we try a couple of the harder colours, not always being able to stick to them.  But it is great fun and before we know it over an hour has passed.

My hands are left red and sore, it’s very cold in the hall and the chalk is a strange feeling under my finger nails.  But I loved it.  bouldering


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