Elf cooks with Tofu

Tofu.  Yep, tofu.  I’ve eaten it occasionally at a restaurant, normally due to rash ordering or panic ordering!  But I have never cooked it at home.  Having received a lovely cook book for Christmas on all things veg and vegetarian (I’m not vegetarian – errant gift? Possibly but it is a lovely cook book) I decided to venture into the tofu world starting with a black pepper recipe.

I am not great at following recipes I tend to wonder off the exact measurements and get a bit over excited about adding herbs and feeling all Jamie Oliver.  That being said I thought I did a good job of halving the recipe as I was only feeding two Elves and improvising with onions instead of shallots which I thought would not make too much difference.  I very carefully cut up the tofu and coated it in flour before frying in batches.  I then made the sauce and returned the tofu to the wok.  I made some extra vegetable stir fry to go with it and served up.  All in all an easy recipe and not too much prep time, although probably a little fiddley just for a mid-week dinner.

Taste time.  Flavour of the sauce was lovely.  That being said, after the first couple of bites of the chunky tofu…it was still tofu.  Tofu, just like disappointing ordering when eating out.  Yep, tofu.  I have to say I think the trick would be to use prawns or chicken in the yummy sauce or vegetables if you are veggie.  Or cut the tofu up so that it is not so overwhelming.  Given that I don’t like strange textures this was a pretty predictable outcome.  But at least I tried something new!


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