2016! Elf does yoga! Starting as we mean to go on.

It is 2016, I want to do something different this year.  This year I want adventure.

Now, donning an Indiana Jones type outfit and heading off into the wilderness would be a dream come true, that is a distant, spec of an adventure to come.  So when I say adventure, I mean an everyday adventure.  Small things that brighten the week and are achievable!  I’m thinking, more along the lines of grabbing the tube map and umbrella.

Each week I want to do something different, eat something new, try an activity, walk somewhere not in SW London! (I know shock horror! Outside my postcode!)

So with this in mind…. My first adventure of 2016 is Hot Yoga.

Hot Yoga is the cooler cousin of Bikram yoga.  It is not so hot so the sequences are faster and devotees say these is what means you burn more calories and work harder as a consequence.

Pulling on my gym gear and heading off to a Sunday morning class to blow away the cobwebs.  The class was predictably busy given the New Year status and the Instagram inspiration of 2015 mostly involving beautiful, colour co-ordinated fitspo women holding impossible possess in places we dream of visiting.  Nevertheless, everyone seems calm and happy.  Soon enough we head up to the studio and instantly feel the temperature difference.  I chose a mat in the middle of the class and not directly under the heat of the lamps suspended above us.  Without much pre-amble were directed to our feet and we are off.  It’s hot.  It seems an obvious thing to say and it is about 25-28oc which does not sound too hot but as I bring myself to downward dog and try to ignore the trickling sweat moving from my chin to my forehead and try to breath calmly though my nose, all I can think is that it feels hot.  Much hotter than I had expected.

At the end of the class everyone else is lightly flushed and damp… I on the other hand am more 3rd degree sunburn red and so sweaty my shirt is several shades darker.  I am not sure that my forearms have ever actively perspired before!  There are no photos for a reason!

Despite all this, I actually really enjoyed the class.  I am left feeling content, grounded and as though I have had a really good work out.  I will definitely be going back, way more fun than thrashing away on the treadmill.

© All artworks, photography and written word belongs to the creator Little Elf

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